Emotional Mirroring From Your Pet

From your pet’s perspective, sometimes the reason for your pet’s undesirable behavior may extend beyond your pet to something going on within you or in your household. Every relationship serves as a mirror reflection of our self, including our relationship with our pets. Our pet’s undesirable behavior may serve to bring awareness to an aspect […]

A Multi-Layered Approach to Animal Communication

As an Animal Communicator I help you understand the reasons behind your pet’s behavior, which can improve your relationship with your pet. During sessions, I offer a four-layered approach. All sessions are conducted over the phone which enables your pet to remain in its home where it is most comfortable and provides me with uninterrupted […]

Underlying Causes of Pet Behavior

One of the many values of an animal communication session is to gain an understanding of a pet’s behavior. Once the information surfaces, people feel empowered with information, a broader range of choices and positive actions they could take to shift undesirable behavior. There are many questions that surface including: Why is my dog licking […]