Business Consultation

An Intuitive Consultation:
  • Elevates personal growth which promotes stand-out leadership.
  • Accelerates your ability to work with a clear focus so you may eagerly pursue your goals.
  • Inspires the trust of your team for collaborative teamwork.

My intention for the business community is to provide business and social leaders with intuitive insight and self-awareness needed to drive positive change which benefits the leaders, their organizations, the community and the global marketplace. ~Renee Takacs, Intuitive Consultant

The Emotional System

“According to a study published in New Scientist, more than 80% of our decisions are based on emotions and instincts and less than 20% are made on a rational level . . . The emotional System works on a deeper energetic, subconscious level, and unless it is aligned with the strategy and day-to-day operation of the business, problems and conflicts will remain on the agenda of the organization . . . ”  ~ Peter Mathies, Conscious Business Institute, Venture Capital Magazine, 3/2008.


"The most profound impact, in working with Renee, has been my own personal growth. That personal growth has transferred into the growth of my company. The benefits have included my decision making skills and trusting my intuition, for instance, on key hires whether to walk away or to take the necessary steps to hire someone based on how I felt during a conversation with Renee."